Yoga Equity Resources

“Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.”

—B.K.S. Iyengar

Many excellent community engagement resources exist, including diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). We recommend that you pick a resource that has appeal and start exploring. Most resources will take you down a path that leads to further reading/watching/engagement. For example, if you read something that brings about a deeper understanding, you may choose to follow the author on social media, follow who that author follows, and explore the cited information. 

We encourage you to read and view widely with curiosity and an open mind. Bear in mind; you may find that some voices contradict one another as you encounter new information. That’s okay! Understanding the value of multiple perspectives is an important part of this work.  

Below is a list of resources that we hope you will consider. These resources are offered in no particular order, and this list is not comprehensive. The IYNAUS Yoga Equity Committee will update the list regularly, so we encourage you to check back regularly.

We hope that in addition to the texts below, which are mostly nonfiction, you will make it a priority to read literature, fiction, and poetry by BIPOC writers and poets. 

As you learn, remember that consciousness-raising is not a substitute for action. Spend time contemplating what you learn, talk to your friends and loved ones, and engage in the process of sitting with what has shifted for you and consider what insight(s) you have gained. Then, begin to explore what meaningful action and change look like in your own life. At various moments you will need to stop, reflect, reevaluate, and adjust. This is an ongoing process. Stick with it.  

Our Stories

Our IYNAUS DEIJ Story Map provides information about upcoming and ongoing DEIJ activities throughout the United States. Studio owners, teachers, and practitioners who are actively engaged as Community Builders that support the DEIJ mission to make Iyengar Yoga more inclusive and accessible can be found here.

To lend your voice to the growing chorus of yoga teachers, students, advocates, and activists advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in communities across America—on and off the mat—please share your story with us.


Glossary of Terms

The IYNAUS Yoga Equity Committee has compiled a list of terms and phrases to help you better understand the power of language. We hope that you will browse and download this list.

DEIJ Resources

We offer these resources related to self-learning on and off the mat, categorized by topics. You will find useful articles, videos, podcasts, guides, interactives, and more within them.

See more specific resources for teachers in our Yoga Equity Training section. To suggest a glossary term or resource related to yoga and equity on or off the mat, please submit your idea to