Mentoring Requirements

Mentor Requirements

IYNAUS encourages all teachers to have a mentor. IYNAUS is also setting requirements for who needs a
formal mentor. Ideally, your mentor should be the teacher with whom you have the most consistent,
committed, and connected relationship. This teacher should be someone you study with and interact
with regularly in the process of developing your practice and teaching.

While all CIYTs are strongly encouraged to have a formal mentor, the following circumstances require
formal mentors:

  • All Iyengar Yoga practitioners studying for any level of assessment.
    Level 1 CIYTs who passed their Level 1 or Introductory I/II assessment within the last three
  • All CIYTs studying the additional poses and material for their current level that they were not
    previously tested on for purposes of teaching. To teach the asanas not previously tested, please
    be sure your mentor has seen and approved your teaching of these asanas.
  • All CIYTs studying and learning to teach asanas on their next syllabus, regardless of whether
    they plan to assess for that level.
  • Notwithstanding the above, CIYTs who are Level 3 or Intermediate Junior III for at least five
    years are not required to have a formal mentor.

Mentors must be named when renewing the Certification Mark. As a friendly reminder, CIYTs no longer
need to send in paper Certification Mark Agreements. Simply complete the agreement online when you

The relationship between mentor and mentee is an important relationship. Mentees should not name a
mentor on their Certification Mark renewal before discussing and confirming with their mentor.


Mentors for Level 2 CIYTs preparing to assess for Level 3

Per RIMYI Guidelines Trainers/Mentors for Level 3 are:

  • Teachers currently conducting general classes as per the syllabus of Level 3
  • Teachers certified at minimum Level 4 for at least three years (new system)
  • Teachers certified at Advanced Junior I, Advanced Junior II, Advanced Junior III, Advanced Senior
    I or Advanced Senior II
  • Should have visited RIMYI at least three times

However, the RIMYI Guidelines also make this important note: All certified teachers, who have rich
experience in teaching but have not pursued further certification levels, and were granted special
permission either by Guruji, RIMYI, or their Associations may continue to do so. Associations may
consider similar requests on a case-by-case basis. RIMYI reserves the right to grant exceptions to the
rules. Associations and RIMYI will inform each other about such requests to maintain a common list of

The IYNAUS Assessment Committee is granting permission to Level 3 teachers to be formal mentors for
Level 2 teachers under the following circumstances:

  • Level 3 or Intermediate Junior III CIYT for at least five years
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Mentor Requirements FAQs:

Q: I am a Level 1 teacher, and I passed my Level 1 assessment in 2021. Do I need a formal mentor?
A: Yes, you need a formal mentor for three years after you first become a CIYT. In this case, you would
need a formal mentor until 2024.

Q: I am a former Introductory teacher (now a Level 1 teacher) and became a CIYT in 2010. I do not plan
to assess again and plan to only teach poses from the Introductory syllabus. Do I need a formal mentor?
A: No, you do not need a formal mentor.

Q: I am a Level 2 CIYT. I have completed my study of the Level 2 poses that I was not tested on with my
mentor. I do not plan to assess again. I practice poses from the Level 3 and 4 syllabi, but do not plan to
teach them. Do I need a formal mentor?
A: No, you do not need a formal mentor. There are no restrictions on your personal practice and study.

Q: I am a Level 3 teacher and received my Intermediate Jr III certificate more than five years ago. I want
to teach both the poses on the Level 3 syllabus that I was not tested on and poses from the Level 4
syllabus. I may or may not assess again. Do I need a formal mentor?
A: No, you do not need a formal mentor. However, if you decide to assess for Level 4 you will need a
formal mentor to recommend you for assessment.

Q: What do I put on the Certification Mark Agreement if I fall into the category of not needing a mentor?
A: You may write “N/A not planning to go up for assessment” where it asks you to list a mentor’s name
on the Certification Mark Agreement.

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