Mentoring Requirements

Mentor Requirements for all CIYTs and Assessment Candidates

All CIYTs are strongly encouraged to have a formal mentor. The following circumstances require formal mentors:

  • All Iyengar Yoga practitioners studying for any level of assessment.
  • Level 1 CIYTs who passed their Level 1 or Introductory I/II assessment within the last three years.
  • All CIYTs studying the additional poses and material for their current Level that they were not previously tested.
  • All CIYTs studying and learning to understand asanas on their next syllabus for their own practice, regardless of whether they plan to assess for that syllabus. To teach the asanas not previously tested, please be sure your mentor has seen and approves your teaching of these asanas.

Mentors must be named when renewing the Certification Mark.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is an important relationship. Mentees should not name a mentor on their Certification Mark renewal before discussing and confirming with their mentor.