Assessment & Mentoring FAQs

RIMYI Manual and FAQs

RIMYI Certification and Assessment Guidelines is the primary resource for those wishing to teach Iyengar Yoga, this document provides the requirements to assess and teach each level of certification, the syllabi and required reading, and an outline of the assessment process.

The RIMYI FAQs provide additional information related to the RIMYI Guidelines that should be read and understood.

Assessment FAQs

What levels of assessments will be offered in 2023?

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 assessments will be offered in 2023.

Will Assessments for 2023 be online?

Yes, assessments for 2023 will be offered via the Zoom platform. The committee recommends that candidates and mentors arrange classes to gain experience working with Zoom in the months before assessment. Please review the Zoom Assessment 2021 FAQ for Candidates guide.

How many recommendations are needed to apply for an assessment?

Only one recommendation is needed. This recommendation should be from your mentor.

The reading list seems daunting. How can I best prepare for the written exam?

The IYNAUS Assessment Manual includes a list of required knowledge to help candidates study for the written exam. Please see the IYNAUS Assessment Manual, which is available for purchase in the IYNAUS store.

Mentoring FAQs

I am a former Intermediate Junior teacher and need more clarity to determine if I can be a mentor.

Below are guidelines for former Intermediate Junior I and II CIYTs who wish to become mentors.

  • Intermediate Junior I teachers who were certified in or before 2017 (i.e., have been certified at this level for more than three years) AND who have successfully mentored two or more Intro I/II candidates can mentor Level 1 candidates without guidance, provided they have been conducting public classes for a minimum of two years.
  • Intermediate Junior I teachers who have been certified at this level for less than three years OR who have not successfully mentored any Intro I/II candidates must apply for a waiver to be a mentor under the guidance of their mentoring teacher, provided they have been conducting public classes for a minimum of two years. Waivers will no longer be needed after July 1, 2023.
  • Intermediate Junior II teachers who were certified in or before 2018 can mentor Level 1 candidates without guidance, provided they have been conducting public classes for a minimum of two years AND they have successfully mentored two or more Intro, I/II candidates.
  • We strongly recommend that Intermediate Junior II teachers certified in or before 2018 who have not previously successfully mentored Intro I/II candidates consult with their mentor and consider mentoring Level 1 candidates with their mentoring teacher’s guidance.
  • Waivers can be requested from the Assessment Chair by writing to and copying the approving mentor.

Can you provide guidelines about recommending candidates?

As only one recommendation is required, the mentoring relationship is extremely important. Mentors should take their role seriously and be ready to write a detailed recommendation when asked.

Mentors should make sure they understand and accept the mentoring relationship as discussed in the RIMYI Guidelines. They should also read the current IYNAUS Assessment Manual.

Below are some questions each mentor should ask themselves before recommending a candidate.

Do I have a formal teacher-student relationship with the candidate?

Candidates can submit recommendations only from mentors with whom they have a formal student-teacher relationship. You must have observed both the candidate’s asana and pranayama practice and their teaching.

Is this candidate prepared to take the assessment now?

Recommend only candidates you judge capable of passing the assessment when writing the recommendation. Please do not recommend a candidate you think may not be ready. A candidate who is not quite ready should not be encouraged to use the time between application and assessment to prepare.

Have I seen this candidate teach?

You must have seen the candidate teach asana and pranayama, either in person or video. No fees may be charged for any part of the recommendation process, including watching videos.

Does my name appear on the list of CIYTs on the IYNAUS website?

Your name may not be on the list if you are not in good standing with IYNAUS or if you have asked that your name not be listed. In the latter case, you can reinstate your name on the list by logging in to the website (, clicking on “Membership Login” in the upper right corner, and following the instructions. Only teachers in good standing may recommend candidates for assessment.

Can I complete my portion of the online application on time?

Completed recommendation forms must be submitted online by the deadline for the candidate to have ample time for submitting their application to the Assessment Committee.

Have I properly completed the form?

You must answer every question, include your IYNAUS identification number, your level of certification, and the number of years certified at your current level. Also, the mentor needs to offer detailed observations and information about the candidate.