Assessment Process

About Assessment

The structure and rules governing Iyengar Yoga certification and assessment are provided by RIMYI.

The IYNAUS Assessment Committee is tasked with conducting assessments for our members and implementing the RIMYI guidelines. Successful assessments involve many aspects, including training of assessors, exam writing, and venue coordination. While the IYNAUS Assessment Committee administers the assessment, RIMYI provides the certificates.


Applying for Assessment

For Aspiring Candidates

Candidates aspiring to assess should work closely with their mentor to understand the assessment process. The mentoring teacher is familiar with the process and can offer guidance and support as the aspiring candidate prepares for assessment.

Upon acceptance to a mentoring or teacher education program, prospective teachers must join IYNAUS. At the minimum, candidates for assessment must have been members of IYNAUS for at least one year prior to applying for assessment. For example, if applying for assessment in 2023, candidates must have been a member of IYNAUS by May 1, 2022.

The Assessment Committee is grateful for your careful attention to the assessment process.  Candidates should read the following documents:

  • RIMYI Certification and Assessment Guidelines: The primary resource for those wishing to teach Iyengar Yoga, this document provides the requirements to assess and teach each level of certification, the syllabi and required reading and an outline of the assessment process.
  • RIMYI FAQs: These FAQs provide additional information that should be read and understood.
  • IYNAUS Mentoring Guidelines: Published by the IYNAUS Assessment Committee, this supplemental manual to the RIMYI Certification and Assessment Guidelines offers advice for teachers, aspiring teachers, and their mentors who are developing the art of teaching Iyengar Yoga. Keen students of Iyengar Yoga will find support for their practice by studying the new levels in the RIMYI Guidelines and the syllabi from past certification manuals reprinted here.
Checklist for Assessment Candidates
Register for Assessment
Assessment Dates & Venues

The Assessment Weekend

About the Assessment Weekend

Assessments are organized and staffed entirely by volunteers. Assessors, the Zoom coordinator, students, and others behind the scenes have volunteered time and effort for the weekend assessment. This whole process could not happen without them.

It is important to remember that assessments operate on the honor system. After receiving any part of the assessment exam, especially the list of asanas to be taught and the written exam, candidates should not consult anyone, including their mentor, colleagues, or other candidates. 

There will be three assessors serving at the assessment weekend. If any candidate is the student of one of the assessors, that assessor is allowed to judge that candidate.

An assessor-in-training may also be present during the assessment weekend. While assessors-in-training do score the candidates, their judgment carries no weight in decisions regarding candidates.

Written Exam
Assessor & Candidate Practice Time
Inversions Practice
Demonstration of Asana
Teaching Presentation

After the Assessment


Scores for the assessment will be given as Pass, Provisional Pass, Retake, or Not Passed.

Candidates must pass all portions of the assessment to pass their assessment. Upon successfully passing an assessment, the candidate will receive a signed certificate from RIMYI stating that the respective level requirements have been fulfilled.

Candidates who have not passed the written exam but have passed all other parts of the assessment will receive a provisional pass. Candidates who receive a provisional pass may retake the written exam by rewriting the exam portions that need improvement. This is usually done in the month following the assessment.

Candidates who do not score high enough to pass the teaching presentation must retake this portion of the assessment. A retake weekend will be offered at the end of the assessment season. Candidates can sign up for the retake weekend without resubmitting a recommendation. If candidates do not sign up for the retake weekend in the same year as the initial assessment, they will need to reapply for assessment in the following year.

Candidates must pass both the inversions practice and the conducted performance in order to proceed with the teaching presentation. Candidates who fail to pass the inversions practice and conducted performance must reapply for assessment.


Assessor Feedback