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Since its inception, IYNAUS' Yoga Research Committee has been committed to fostering Iyengar Yoga research in order to show the benefits of Iyengar yoga as a means of improving mental, physical, and spiritual health. On this site you will find a compilation of research involving Iyengar Yoga, from sources including research and medical journals to articles written by health professionals within the Iyengar community.

It is our aim that the collation of these findings will create a broader picture of Iyengar Yoga and the way this particular practice of yoga is being seen and utilized in yoga and medical communities worldwide. We also aspire to illuminate gaps in our research and knowledge, inspiring further investigation and publication in order to create more visibility for Iyengar Yoga. We encourage the Iyengar community to utilize this website and contribute any new information that is discovered or published. Please send citations and links to: generalmanager@iynaus.org

We hope that our work, combined with the committed efforts of the National Institute of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, will further the study of yoga and engender awareness and acceptance of alternative forms of health care.

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