Iyengar Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Retreat on Møn, Denmark

Thursday, July 30, 2020 to Thursday, August 6, 2020

Join Eve Holbrook and Michael Morphis for a a very special Iyengar
Yoga/Mindfulness Meditation Retreat on the beautiful Island of Møn, Denmark!

Iyengar Yoga facilitates a 'meditation in movement’ though proper alignment
and breath awareness as we enter into, stay and exit the poses, woven
together with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Mindfulness meditation expands
that journey to all our senses as well as the workings of the mind. Both
practices aim to heighten 'present moment awareness' and reveal new levels of
clarity and self-comprehension, facilitating a sense of well being and the
ability to cope with life's challenges with more grace and ease.
There will be two daily extended yoga classes suitable for all levels from
relative beginners to experienced practitioners -- an active asana practice
in the morning and a restorative and pranayama practice in the late
afternoon. As the week progresses, we will build upon a steady foundation of
fundamental principles towards a deeper, more refined practice that addresses
individual needs and develops each student’s skills and abilities. If you
have any physical issues or injuries, we will help you modify for them.

Michael will lead early morning guided meditations (20-30 min.), optional
afternoon sit and/or walking meditations, and evening Dhamma talks, sits and
Q&A time (45-60 min.). Raw beginners as well as those with both an
established meditation practice will have plenty of material to work with.

All this will happen at Strandgården, a Danish farmhouse situated on the
Baltic Sea, just steps from the beach (Råbylille Strand). It is a peaceful,
soulful place to relax, reconnect and develop your yoga and meditation
practice. Between sessions, there will be plenty of time to savor the
afterglow of your practice in the unspoiled island setting- relaxing at the
farm, taking a swim, a walk along the Baltic sea, or amongst Møn’s
gorgeous woodlands and meadows. A bit further afield is the historic town of
Stege, the quaint village of Nyord, and the stunning Møns Klint (White
Cliff’s of Møn).

The full cost of this retreat is $1,700 for a shared room, and $1,850 for a
single. An Early Bird Discount of $100 is available through November 15,
2019. The price includes all yoga classes, three lovingly-prepared, organic
vegetarian meals per day, seven nights accommodations, and use of
Strandgården’s grounds.

Bundgarnet 45, Stege, Storsrtom, 4780, Denmark, Storsrtom, Denmark
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For more information or to register, please contact Eve

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Eve Holbrook
(917) 660-7315

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