Get to Know your Hips with Chris Saudek

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Get to know your hips and pelvis through anatomy and yogasanas
Your pelvic and hip region is the hub of your body. It is the key to mobility, balance, strength and good posture. In this class you will learn how to increase or maintain strength and mobility of your hips and pelvis through yogasanas. You will learn how to identify your imbalances in these areas and how to work with them. The class will also highlight how the hips and pelvis influence overall posture and contribute to the health of your lower back. Some anatomy will be introduced to better visualize the work we will be doing.
One year of Iyengar experience required. Props needed for this class are a mat, yoga chair, two wooden bricks, one bolster, 3-4 blankets, one extra long strap and a shorter strap OR two shorter straps and a towel, tie, or a third short strap.

The Yoga Place - Live Online via Zoom,
This workshop requires one year of Iyengar yoga
Registration Instructions

Visit to register. Class is presented live on Zoom.

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(608) 332-7832

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