Ganesha, Overcoming Obstacles | Joyful Renewal

Thursday, August 20, 2020 to Sunday, August 23, 2020

Join us for an auspicious weekend celebration of Iyengar Yoga on a date which coincides with the start of the 10-day Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi (August 21), celebrating the arrival of Ganesha on earth.
Among his many titles, beloved, elephant-headed Ganesha, is the called the god of beginnings, invoked at the outset of any endeavor, journey, or life change. Also known as the remover of obstacles, Ganesh will inspire our weekend of practice, chanting and reflection, and perhaps allow us a peek at states of joy in this challenging time.
Since the higher wisdom of Ganesha teaches that all obstacles are really internal, we will look at Patañjali’s sūtra 1.30, which lists those mental disturbances that can come between us and our practice of yoga. The wisdom the Bhagavad Gītā will be called upon to help us connect with yoga as equanimity (II.48)
Direct experience of these texts through chanting in Sanskrit will offer beginners and more seasoned practitioners alike an opportunity to resonate with the teachings in a unique way.
Philosophy study and chanting materials will be sent to participants. Six months of study of Iyengar Yoga will be assumed in the Asana and Pranayama classes. Alternatives will be offered to accommodate different levels of ability.
Mary Reilly will lead asana and Pranayama classes, Bob Gilbo will lead philosophy sessions and Leslie Freyberg will lead sessions of chanting.

Online, Online, Online
6 months Iyengar yoga experience
$225.00 or separately priced
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Mary S Reilly
(231) 313-1590

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