Volunteers are essential to IYNAUS. Follow in the footsteps of the teachers and students just like you who’ve given many hours—even years—to support the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and his family. We rely on you!

Volunteer Position: Treasurer

Job Description: The Treasurer serves on the Executive Council of the IYNAUS Board and provides oversight of the financial aspects of the Association’s business.

IYNAUS has a Director of Operations (and two part time employees) who pay bills, oversee accounting entries by IYNAUS’s bookkeeper, contract for the preparation of tax returns and Form 990s, assist in preparation of IYNAUS’s budget each year, and otherwise generally manages the financial aspects of IYNAUS’s operations. The Treasurer’s job has been to provide general oversight. The Treasurer’s primary responsibilities are:

- General financial oversight of IYNAUS funds in all accounts, and to aid in the operational and the financial planning of the organization.

- Ensure record keeping, financial systems and controls are in place. Oversight and Review IYNAUS Tax Document preparation, compliance and submission.

- Oversight of IYNAUS program budget and planning. Preparation of the Association’s Annual Operating Budget for ongoing work. Review budget with Program Chairs. Present to the board a review of the Association’s actual business income and expenses against the operating budget.

- Funding: Track membership data and income. Oversee and advise on fundraising strategies. Assist in the budget and oversight of the IYNAUS Conventions. Monitor activity of the IYNAUS online store with committee and staff.

- Attendance of Monthly Telephone Conferences of the Executive Council and/or Board of Directors. Attend the In-person Executive Council and Board of Directors Meetings. Submit the Treasurer’s Report at each for the record, and report on the financial status of the association to the members present at those meetings.

- Preparation of the “Treasurer’s Report” for the Semi-annual issues of Yoga Samachar.

The Treasurer is also a member of IYNAUS’s Executive Council. Under our Bylaws, the Executive Council: “manages IYNAUS on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the policies and budget set by the Board and will report at each meeting of the Board.” There are nine members of the Executive Council: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Certification Chair, the Ethics Chair, and three other directors who are elected by the Board.

Works with: Executive Council, Board Members and IYNAUS staff

Reports to: President of the IYNAUS Board

Approximate time commitment: 1-3 hours per week; although, Treasurer activities can be cyclical with busy and slow periods

Skills / Experience: Experience as a Financial Professional

Contact: Stephen Weiss, IYNAUS Treasurer stphweiss@gmail.com.