Iyengar Yoga Home Practice with Jill Ganassi

These audio files are for the yoga student who has taken some Iyengar Yoga or other yoga classes, and is ready to start a home practice. There are 4 Iyengar Yoga practices of varying lengths (15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes), making it accessible even to the busy yogi. The MP3 format is flexible - it can be used at home, on a computer, or on the go in an ipod.  An accompanying brochure contains photographs of all the postures used in the practices, as well as each sequence listed in Sanskrit and English for easy reference, and to build confidence. Each session has a variety of poses, which are intelligently sequenced so as to develop a strong foundation, building strength and flexibility in the body, as well as balance and focus in the mind. Students will progress well when using these audio files as a guide to a home practice in combination with attending group classes with an experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher. 

Note: This is a downloadable product only. You will not receive a physical copy.

How to Access Your Download from the IYNAUS Store:

After your purchase is complete, the screen you get immediately after looks like the screenshot below. Each of the red links will download a separate audio file, with the last link downloading the accompanying booklet. You can download everything and save them on your computer, device, phone, etc.

If you find you have forgotten to download at the time of purchase, you can access your files by going to your user profile and clicking Files on the tab bar.