IYNAUS Social Media Posting

IYNAUS social media will promote the art, science, and philosophy of yoga according to the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar with quality content striving to educate and inspire, invite curiosity, welcome new followers, and represent the entire Iyengar community, including teachers, students, studios, and regions.


What we are looking for in posts:

These are some engaging posts that might be shared on the IYNAUS account.

  • Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Publications
  • Prop setups
  • Teacher spotlights
  • Student and member spotlights
  • Videos on how to do the poses
  • Trips to India
  • Community Engagement
  • Informative articles
  • Book releases
  • What is Iyengar Yoga to you / Why you started
  • Yoga bloopers
  • Stories of the Iyengars
  • Pictures of the Iyengars
  • Senior Teachers Birthdays

Where to promote your workshops and events:

  • On the IYNAUS website, you can submit your workshop HERE. Workshops must be taught by a level 2 or above teacher.
  • On your personal or studio social media page, tag IYNAUS*
  • Share your post in your Instagram and Facebook “stories,” tag IYNAUS**

*On the IYNAUS social media Instagram page is a tab where people can see everything IYNAUS has been tagged in. This is where they can see upcoming workshops and other yoga-related posts IYNAUS is tagged in (shown on the left).

** Tag IYNAUS in your stories. IYNAUS will share your workshops & classes in stories, but IYNAUS does not repost them on the feed.


How to Post a Story on Instagram:

Step-by-step instructions can be found on YouTube, for example, this video.

Stories vs. posts:

Posts are permanently on the IYNAUS pages and are the first things you see when you visit the IYNAUS Facebook or Instagram pages. Stories last 24 hours and do not remain on the IYNAUS pages.


Tagging & Hashtags:


  • Your handle is your username, e.g., @iynaus.
  • Tag @iynaus if you want your content shared.

Common Hashtags

  • #iyengaryoga #tryiyengar #yogaeveryday #yogapractice #iyengaryogamethod #yogainspiration #ciyt

*Posting through IYNAUS must meet the  IYNAUS criteria.*
**The committee chairs reserve the right to edit posts submitted per the IYNAUS social media posting guidelines.**