Interactive Sessions with Prashant Iyengar on the Philosophy of Teaching Yoga – Series 5

Sep 09, 2023—Nov 25, 2023



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Prashant Iyengar asana bw

Saturdays, Sep. 9 ­– Nov. 25, 2023
9:30 – 10:30 a.m. ET,
offered by donation.

“Both those who teach and those who do not teach, those who may never teach and even those who are averse to teaching, are in any case a teacher. We all must be teachers to ourselves.”
 —Footnote conversation with Prashant Iyengar on May 21, 2022

“Just as a reservoir serves the purpose of a well, so does a Brahmana who knows the purpose of the scriptures. He will serve well in place of the scriptures themselves.”
The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2.46

To all International Iyengar Yoga Associations,

Since June 2022, the IYNAUS community has been fortunate to have the opportunity to meet weekly with Prashant Iyengar on Zoom to discuss a broad range of topics based on listener questions. We are now honored to open registration for the next session to the global Iyengar community:

Prashantji has requested that participants be familiar with his teachings. His classes are available through RIMYI. You can find his books in the IYNAUS store.

Samadhi Pada, Sadhana Pada, and Vibhuti Pada Kaivalya Pada by Prashant Iyengar are available in the IYNAUS store.

Recordings will be available after each session.

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