Continuing Education

The IYNAUS board recognizes that the circumstances of 2020 have restricted our ability to teach and take classes locally as well as travel to RIMYI and within the United States to study with mentors. As a result, for the 2020 reporting period, 100% of the 25 hours of required annual continuing education for IYNAUS CIYTs may be from online study.

Teachers must update their record of attendance in classes, workshops, conventions, conferences, and at RIMYI on their personal page on the IYNAUS website. When documenting your 2020 continuing education hours, please use the new virtual attendance categories that have been added to My Page within your member account.

NEW Continuing Education - Virtual Attendance categories:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences and Special Events
  • Classes Taken
  • IYNAUS Teacher/Studio Support and Business Classes Taken
  • Ethics Courses Taken
  • Required Courses
  • Other

Examples of classes that would fall under the "Other" category include:

  • Prashant Iyengar's YouTube and podcast lectures
  • Non-IYNAUS workshops with Prashant Iyengar or Abhijata Iyengar
  • One-time or sporadic classes with IYNAUS or international CIYTs

Documentation of recent IYNAUS events under the new Virtual Attendance categories:

Power of Unity with Abhijata Iyengar May 7-13, 2020 is located in the dropdown menu under Conferences and Special Events.

Coast to Coast classes July 2-6, 2020 should be documented by individual teachers and dates under Classes Taken. Date and duration information for each class is available with the recordings.

The category IYNAUS Teacher/Studio Support and Business Classes Taken includes a dropdown menu for the following webinars:

  • Social Media Webinar - May 2, 2020
  • Teaching Iyengar Yoga in the Time of COVID-19 - May 16, 2020
  • Webinar Panel Discussion on the Topic of Reopening Studios During the COVID-19 Pandemic - June 14, 2020

Please note that a maximum of 3 hours of Teacher/Studio Support and Business Classes may be used toward the 25 hours of required annual continuing education.