Assessment FAQ

I want to apply for assessment. What are the membership requirements?
If you plan to apply for assessment in any given year (deadline May 1st) you must be a fully paid member in good standing. (You are automatically a member of IYNAUS when you renew in your regional association.)
What are the fees for assessment?
The regular assessment fee is: $365
To retake the Demonstrated Practice: $75
To retake the Written Exam only: $25
To retake the Teaching Skills Assessment with or without the Written Exam: $250
Where can I get an application and recommendation forms?
All applications are to be submitted online. People with special needs may request paper forms from the Certification Coordinator
Who can be a recommending teacher?
Your weekly teacher can be a recommending teacher if he or she is certified Intermediate Junior I or above and at least one level higher than you are. At least one of your recommending teachers must be certified Intermediate Junior II or above. In areas where there is no Junior I teacher, the Certification Coordinator may grant approval for a teacher certified at the Introductory II level to be a mentor. However, prior approval is necessary. Contact the Certification Coordinator for more information.
Do I have to pay a fee to have a recommending teacher write me a recommendation?
No. Recommending teachers must provide this service for free.
What if I am pregnant at assessment time?
You are not allowed to participate in the assessment if you are pregnant (no exceptions). If you know you will be pregnant at assessment time, use the assessment cancellation form to drop out of your assessment as early as possible. See cancellation questions.
Where can I find the schedule of upcoming assessments?
Visit the venue page for assessment dates.
How often are assessments held?
Assessments are held annually during late summer and fall.
Are all levels of assessment held each year?
No. The higher levels are not held every year. Assessments are offered based on assessment applicants. A minimum of 8 candidates is required to hold an assessment at a given level.
What are the best ways to prepare for assessment?
Read the current Certification Manual. Take a teacher training course from a senior teacher or teachers. Practice and teach the poses on your syllabus. Practice timing yourself to teach six poses in forty minutes. Form a study group. Read all the assigned reading materials. Remember that you are held responsible for the syllabuses and the reading assignments that precede your level.
What if I have to cancel my scheduled assessment?
If you need to withdraw your application prior to May 1, you may return to your saved application and when, prompted, press cancel. If you must withdraw your assessment application after May 1, please cancel as above and also notify the Certification Coordinator immediately. If you have been assigned an assessment venue you must also notify your assessment chair.
You will receive a refund of all but $75 of your payment if you cancel 10 days or more before your assessment. Thereafter your assessment fee is forfeited.
How long must I wait before re-taking an assessment?
We are working on a pilot program for a Spring re-take; otherwise, you may retake during the following assessment season.
Is there a limit on how many times I can re-take the Introductory I & II combined assessment?
No, there is no limit.