Letter from the President


Dear Fellow IYNAUS Members,

This issue of Yoga Samachar, with its cover story on Prashant S. Iyengar, also focuses on Young People and Iyengar Yoga. The survey we put out on this topic had a tremendous response, providing material for both this issue and the next (Fall). We are excited by the response, and we want to continue to find ways of encouraging our community to communicate both through the website (iynaus.org) and Yoga Samachar, to make ourselves stronger and better able to face the challenges of the future.

A number of important changes are taking place in IYNAUS and in the United States Iyengar community. Some of the major changes will be in Yoga Samachar itself. This will be the last issue created by our current volunteer staff for the magazine--Constance Braden as editor, Richard Jonas as creative director, and Pat Musburger as managing editor. Don Gura will remain as our very talented designer, and Denise Weeks, our excellent copyeditor who began working for us with this Spring issue, will continue in that capacity. I want to offer a huge thanks to Constance, Richard, and Pat, whose hard work, diligence, and creativity in steering the magazine over the past few years has given our community a publication it can be proud to call its own. Under their leadership, Yoga Samachar has reached a new level of quality and become a truly professional journal for Iyengar Yoga in the United States. Starting with the fall issue, our new editor will be Robin Rothhammer of Kaneohe, Hawaii. Robin has a degree in journalism, and was editor of Tennis Week magazine for several years. She is a serious student of Iyengar Yoga, has completed an Iyengar Yoga teacher training, and plans to take the Introductory I assessment this summer. We are excited to be working with Robin. She brings to Yoga Samachar a passion for yoga combined with editorial expertise. 

Another change: for the first time the assessment process will be completely online. This change, which begins with the 2011 assessements, has been long in coming, and it should make the management of assessments much easier for everyone involved. As with any new process, there have been a few hiccups, but we have already gotten 30 applicants successfully through the system in the first two weeks, and by the time you read this we should have the application phase of the assessment process completed for this year. Applicants have been very patient and showed an understanding of how such new processes work: as we all know from our asana practice, not everything goes perfectly the first time. By next year, we are confident that the process will work very smoothly.

Yet another change that has been in the works for some time and is now taking place is a revision of our bylaws to bring them into closer alignment with the Pune Constitution. Guruji has given us in the Pune Constitution a blueprint for how national associations can be organized and how they can function. Guruji has also made it clear that he does not expect different national associations to conform in every particular with the Pune Constitution. He has encouraged us to take whatever steps we can, within our own national context, to come more in line with this document. Our Bylaws Committee, with input from the IYNAUS Board, has worked hard to craft the language of our revised bylaws, and we will soon be ready to share a proposed draft of the new bylaws with the full membership. The primary changes involve a new structure for the Board, and a new system of elections that will be give the regions a greater role in the functioning of the national association. 


Chris Beach, President
Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States