The Pune Constitution


The Pune Constitution is a standard guide for organizing and structuring Iyengar Yoga associations. Revised August 2009 by B.K.S. Iyengar, this document is intended as the working framework for association governance. While it is understood that there will be some differences from country to country and among associations in various life cycles, Guruji has asked that associations endeavor to come into alignment with these guidelines.

Message from Guruji,

As members are turning towards this method of yoga, I thought of framing a common constitution that can be followed by all Iyengar Yoga Associations and Institutes the world over. It is not easy to work out a constitution that would satisfy all, yet a start has to be made and it is now ready. As months and years pass on, new ideas may strike which can be incorporate after consultation with sister associations.

May this act as a key point for the growth of happiness and unity amongst us all and may yogic discipline grow under your capable and skillful cultivation of friendliness, compassion and gladness. May I wish you all to experience the best of yoga and May Lord Patanjali guide you all.

Guruji has asked that all national associations, including IYNAUS, make this important document available to their members. The IYNAUS Board continues to explore avenues by which we can reflect the guidelines of the Constitution.

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