Books by Prashant Iyengar in the IYNAUS Store

Bobbie Fultz

"Asana can become a form of prayer, worship, japa and meditation. The practice can be pursued aim-lessly, goal-lessly, desire-lessly, meditatively."
-Prashant Iyengar

Prashant Iyengar has a unique way of expressing and conveying yoga concepts by coining his own terms in English that do not have a dictionary definition. He sets up various hierarchies, paradigmatics, and referrals that become the epicenters for practice and can reveal the unified state in a voyage to infinitude. If you are on the list to study at RIMYI or you still have not sorted out your class notes from classes with Prashant, the books and recordings, available through the IYNAUS Store, will give you the chance to hear him to say it all again and again.

Prashant applies his experiments of practice to sequencing his classes. Tuesdays with Prashant is the transcription of an entire year of classes. RIMYI closes for the hot months of the Indian climate during April and May. The classes begin in June and progress to a climax in April of the following calendar year. This word-for-word transcription gives the reader the opportunity to ascertain the depth of thought brought to the instruction. Each day has a preface describing the climatic conditions and a list of the asanas taken. No matter how intently we all attempt to write notes after class, or even if we write as an observer while he is teaching, we never get it all onto the page. This 255-page compilation is a true work of Bhakti yoga edited by Vibha Kale.

A "Class after a Class": Yoga-An Integrated Science is a 58-page transcription of an interview with Prashant by Christine Perre further elucidating a class he had taught that day. The participants in the conversation were not native English speakers and wanted further explanation of some of Prashant's vocabulary and terms: re-action/counter-action/inter-action/complementary action/un-action; do/un-do/non-do; awareness/awareness circulation/ psycho-mental circulation. What is the difference between practicing and learning practice? Here is a further unfolding of his poetic viewpoint
of yoga.

Recordings of Prashant's talks delivered at events and monthly meets at RIMYI are available on audio cassettes:

  1. Asanas and Panchamahabhutas, Chakras, Anatomy and Physiology through the Prism
    of Yoga, Our System
    , and Lyricised Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
  2. Recorded teaching on Pranayama: Practice and Learn is in MP3 format.

The book form of Lyricised Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a new item in the IYNAUS Store recently received from India.

Prashant's primary text, Alpha and Omega of Trikonasana, also continues to be available through the IYNAUS Store and was previously reviewed in Yoga Samachar.

Bobbie Fultz is a certified Intermediate Junior II Iyengar Yoga instructor and manages the IYNAUS Store in Boulder, Colorado.