Three Minute Egg

Product Review:
Three Minute Egg®
By Joan White 

As an Advanced Iyengar Yoga teacher, I understand the resistance to yoga props that are not yet being sold by the Institute in Pune. For this reason I was very careful and thorough in my “eggs-perimenting” with a new prop, the Three Minute Egg, created by Jason Scholder. Response has been so positive that I have been introducing the eggs at all my workshops and have given some to Guruji for R.I.M.Y.I. 

The “egg” is an egg-shaped prop that can be used like a block. As Jason Scholder noted, however, the big difference is the shape: “Your body’s not square, so why should your yoga blocks be?” Jason created the prop to support his own practice. “In a constant search for new ways to stretch my spine,” he explained, “someone turned me on to the heart block. The curve was a bit intense for me to use as intended, but I liked the way it felt. I had leftover pieces of wood that were curved on one side, so I made them symmetrical, laid down on one, and got precisely the stretch I’d been searching for all along.” Jason started making them with foam after getting user feedback. “People said they loved the shape but wished they were softer, [so] I made the switch to foam.” 

I have found that the eggs help open my back in all the supine poses. I also love using them in Adho Mukha Svanasana to support both my head and my forearms, and they support my back beautifully in Setu Bandha. These are just three asanas that I particularly like to do with the eggs, but there are so many more ways to use them. My students, always my greatest teachers, keep coming up with new ideas. For more information and to see them, go to