IYASE Schedules "Mini-Workshops" to Promote Its Membership Drive

Thirty-one teachers of IYASE (the Iyengar Yoga Association of the Southeast) have committed to participating in a membership drive October 15 through December 5, 2010, according to Diana Martinez, IYASE Membership Chair.

As part of the drive, teachers in the region will teach two- to three-hour mini-workshops. IYASE will pay the teachers, and students will pay a fee of $60. For this fee, they will also become members, of both IYASE and IYNAUS. They will receive an IYASE T-shirt in addition to the other membership benefits.

Teachers have committed to enrolling at least five new students as association members in this way.

The membership drive is part of IYASE's efforts to maintain the interest, enthusiasm, and continued involvement of its new members. "This constitutes our first positive steps to create a model to grow and deepen our community," says Alex Cleveland, IYASE Board Member, "as well as promote interest and appreciation of Iyengar Yoga.

"We are creating a template which we hope other regions will be able to easily replicate in their own membership drives."

This membership drive is an innovative collaboration between IYASE and IYNAUS, which has given $1500 in seed money for the project. This investment will be returned to IYNAUS through new memberships added during the drive.