Old Woman in a Chaos of Wings

Stella Brice
This sky pours out
dark gold drama.

It pours out Japanese moon-god-mouth.

It's pouring light
& it cannot stop.

It blatantly harbors
the arms of trees
sagging with entrailed birds

Bearing signal & message without end.
I shudder to remember
how often I forget.

Look up old woman
I remind myself.

Old woman I say

Look up.
Look up.

Stella Brice is the author of two chapbooks–the latest a collection of dark fairy tale poems called Outgrow. She is a Pushcart prize nominee and a winner of the John Z. Bennet Prize, and her poems have been featured in many journals and anthologies. Stella lives with her family in a 102-year-old house in Houston.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Clennell