The IYNAUS Store

We're pleased to announce that the successful completion of the IYNAUS store move from Denver to Seattle, Washington. Customers can contact the store via the toll free number, 888-344-0434, option 2, or by calling
the local number, 206-623-3562.

Please visit the store page to see the latest specials, including 50% off all VHS tapes and audio cassette tapes; 20% off Atma Darsana, Atmajyana, and Yoga Sadhana DVDs; 2 for 1 on back issues of Yoga Rahasya.

The 2009 Certification Manual is sold out. We anticipate the newly revised 2010 edition will be available by January.

We are anticipating a large order from Pune to arrive in October including blankets, Leap of Faith DVDs, and many other popular items that have been out of stock. Thank you for your patience during our transition period.

If there are items that you would like to see available through the IYNAUS Store, please email your suggestions to