Twists and Where they may lead? 3-Day workshop with Carolyn Belko

June 9, 2017 - June 11, 2017

Adeline Yoga Studio: 3320 Adeline Street

June 9 – 11th

Full weekend $215 for early birds! Sign up by May 15th and save an additional $10
Friday 6 – 8 pm
Sat 1 – 5 pm
Sun 1 – 5 pm

Twisting asana can be used to open the body for both back extensions and forward extensions. They also bring our mind out of the past and future and into the present moment. They change our perspective and challenge us. The twisting action purifies and tones our organic body, increasing vitality and the healthy function of our organs.

Join Carolyn for a weekend of exploring twisting postures as a means for unlocking the body, mind and spirit/consciousness. In each session we will use twists to explore all categories of poses including standing, seating, back extensions, forward extensions, inversions and abdominals.

Interested in teacher training?
Full weekend + Teacher-education module = $285 for early birds! Sign up by May 15th

Plus Teacher-education!
Friday 1:30 – 4:30
Teacher education which includes a Setu Banda Sarvangasana clinic
Guruji called this pose a boon to humanity. Come explore why!
Participants will learn how and when to apply the several dozen variations of setubanda sarvangasana with and without props
Open to all teachers at all levels, including teachers-in-training

Full weekend $225
Drop-in Friday pm $50
Drop-in Saturday or Sunday $95
Teacher-education module $95 – Open to all teachers at all levels, including teachers-in-training


Open to students with at leaset 6 months experience practicing Iyengar Yoga


Early Bird! Full weekend $215 + Teacher-education module $70 = $285, Sign up by May 15th

Registration instructions:

Please register early. Space will be limited! Question about how to register? Email us


(510) 982-1873

Posted: Apr 10, 2017