PRANAYAMA & SOCIAL JUSTICE: Transforming "Othering" with Victoria Austin

Saturday, November 21, 2020

BKS Iyengar explains mastery in yoga as prakrti purusa jaya, or transformative ease in the context of a stabilized relationship between universal and particular self. This four-step process includes mastery of the elements, their infrastructure, its effects on body and mind, and the goal of evenness of consciousness.

In this two-hour workshop, starting from simple pranayamas suitable for home practice, we will study inner discipline that develops our human potential to cut off "othering" tendencies at the root. Depending on participants’ interests, our focus may include:

How the elements structure our capacity for friendliness in body, action, and mind
Examples of how to address foundational pitfalls as we address "othering" trauma and tendencies
BKS Iyengar's hints on practice to master these perceptual limitations
How the path of resolving "othering" starting with the elements can help us transform ourselves and the world.
This workshop is for practitioners with a firm foundation in the outer practices of yoga, who are ready to address obstacles and pitfalls, in the service of studying our inner work in a way that gives life.

One year of asana practice with a CIYT
Six months’ home practice of Savasana, including observed breathing in Savasana
One month or equivalent practice of pranayama, in class or at home
Willing to complete a 5-minute online survey of interests by 5 p.m. November 18

Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco - ONLINE, online, online
all Iyengar Yoga practitioners
Pricing: $30 (members), $40(non-members)
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