Yoga Samachar

'We are beyond our body and mind. We are even beyond our dreams.'

By Bobby Clennell and Richard Jonas
Interviews with Prashant S. Iyengar were conducted in February 2010 at R.I.M.Y.I. by Senior Teacher Bobby Clennell and Certified Teacher Richard Jonas, using questions suggested by Kofi Busia. 
A more complete version of this interview will appear in Busia’s upcoming book.


Question: You live with one of the most famous yogis who has ever lived. What is your first memory?

2008 Certification

  • Carolyn Christie
  • Yvonne DeKock
  • Craig Kurtz
  • Allan Nett
  • Jayne Satter
  • Christopher Beach
  • Siegfried Bleher
  • Matt Dreyfus
  • Lynda Gill
  • Randy Just
  • Michelle LaRue
  • Athena Pappas

2010 Certifications

Here are the names of all those who successfully passed their 2010 Iyengar Yoga certification examinations. Many from the Introductory I—and candidates at all levels—have passed their 2011 assessments, but we won’t have all of those names till the
final assessments are completed later this year. Congratulations to everyone. We celebrate your hard work and dedication.

2011 Certifications

Here are the names of all those who successfully passed their 2011 Iyengar Yoga certification examinations. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication.

A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method, A Humanistic Approach for Managing Incontinence

Written by Jaki Nett, M.A. St. Helena, CA: Neuter Bird Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0615352-206. 212 pages. $46.95.

A Practical Man Shows Us the Way

Sharon Conroy

In the fall 2009 issue of Yoga Samachar,
I reviewed Edwin Bryant's recently published book, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary with Insights from the Traditional Commentators. It is a wonderful resource with a rich and readable text that I will continue to study for many years. However, as a student and teacher in the Iyengar tradition, it was B.K.S. Iyengar's foreword to the book that immediately caught my attention and truly delighted me.

An Ethical Attitude

By Felicity Green

The word “yoga” means a devoted practice that helps us become integrated, authentic people, linking together mind, body, and spirit. It is a spiritual endeavor we launch ourselves into when we start to practice yoga and then decide that we want to teach because we have been inspired.

Beginnings and Evolution

The Education of an Iyengar Yoga Teacher: Part I

By Pat Musberger

How did you learn to teach yoga?

Felicity Green: In the beginning none of us knew what to do so we watched Guruji and did what he did. We learned by his example. And, of course, you had your practice to teach you.

Book Review

Iyengar Yoga Asana Alternatives: The Neck and Shoulders