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Convention Committee

A note from Convention Senior Chair Kathleen Quinn: There are many things about this particular convention, affectionately known as IC23, that have no precedent in our organization’s history. The world closed less than a year after the 2019 Dallas event; everyone was in a bit of shock. Our families, businesses, workplaces, schools, and each other, are forever changed. The Iyengar Yoga National Association of the U.S. (IYNAUS), like all other businesses, scrambled to remain in support of its members. In planning for the 2022 Convention, we were forced to postpone until 2023 and again had to pivot as wave after wave of variants struck. In response to an ever-changing landscape, we elected to offer our first hybrid convention. After all, we have been teaching classes using online platforms since 2020. How hard could it be? To the many who have helped to bring this convention to fruition, in whatever capacity, you have my sincerest thanks.

Different cities across the country host the Iyengar Yoga Association of the U.S. Convention. The planning and execution of each successful event can only be achieved through the tireless efforts of a dedicated team of volunteers willing to spend their time, energy, and expertise to continue spreading the Iyengars' teachings.

We acknowledge, with heartfelt gratitude, the efforts of our event organizers. This evolving list of individuals is a tiny gesture of thanks for the exceptional effort they have put forth in planning the 2023 Iyengar Yoga Convention of the U.S.


Convention Senior Chair: Kathleen Quinn

Convention Co-Chairs: SriVarada Kota, Nina Paloma

IYNAUS Events Chair: Tay Bulanda


Audio Visual: SriVarada Kota

Banners/Signage: Linda Nishio

Graphic Design: Nicole Leong, Sabrina Schmidt

Magazine: Linda Nishio, Christie Hall, Eddy Marks

Operations / Logistics: Kathleen Quinn, SriVarada Kota, Nina Paloma

Props: Deanna Cramer

Props Kit: Deanna Cramer

Social Media: Adela Blevins, Skyler Christensen, Sabrina Schmidt

Sponsorship: Adela Blevins, Evelyn Deliso, Rohit Kulkarni, Rachel Mullane, Christine Pfeifer, Mariana Scotti

T-shirts: Krystle Barnes



IYNAUS Officers & Executive Counsel

Gloria Goldberg (President)
Hector Martinez (Vice President)
Tay Bulanda (Treasurer)
Adrienne Klein (Secretary)
Stephanie Perry-Bush (Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer)
Tonya Garreaud (Assessment Co-Chair)
Janet Lilly (Ethics Committee Chair)


Regional Representatives

Lisa Henrich (IYASW)
Gretchen House (IYASCUS)
Susan Johnson (IYAUM)
Janet Lilly (IYASE)
Sheri Cruise (IYACSR)
Rosie Richardson (IYANE)
Dan Shuman (IYAGNY)
Jennie Williford (IYAMW)
Ramona Atanacio (IYANC)
Amy Brown (IYALA)
Avery Kapala (IMIYA)
Sara Russell (IYANW)


Nicholas Jouriles
Tori Milner
Skyler Christensen
Anna Lamb